Iowa’s 10 Industrial Sites Development Ready

iowa state

With the addition of 6 more certified industrial sites – this would bring the total to ten – the state of Iowa leaps to the top of the list for businesses and companies who were seeking Midwest expansion, a small price of doing business & a talented labor pool.

Started in 2012, the Iowa Certified Site Program combines national site location ethics with Iowa’s natural assets and business industry needs. The first 4 industrial sites – all of them are more than 200 acres – completed designation in 2014.


To go along with the added sites, the state of Iowa also added a green building classification to its strict program. The Woodward Eco Business Park will be the first site and new applications for the green classification will be accepted July 2016.

Companies looking to build new facilities are searching for sites that are not only suitable for development but are also relatively “risk-free.”

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