How to Know Your Chicago Direct Mail is Reaching the Right Audience

direct mail envelope

Direct mail is the simplest method of marketing via the US postal service. It uses various marketing materials like postcards, sales letters, catalogs, and brochures. A great direct mail campaigner can assist businesses and companies maximize their marketing needs by mailing to prospective customers.

Direct mail is a highly profitable marketing strategy that delivers high response rates and returns when the execution is right. You can reach out to both your existing customers and new customers and get the best response.

Using direct mail with a marketing service in Chicago optimizes your response rate.

Many Chicagoans love to hold printed pieces. Physically holding something is different from viewing something on your screen. Organizations, companies, and other businesses including individuals love printing and mailing experience as the information is verifiable and easy to actualize.

direct mailer piece

The tactile nature of direct mail makes it a resounding success and convenient for all parties. The following ways will elevate the mail pieces, to make a huge impact on recipients.

  1. Choosing the best and right Chicago materials

The touch and feel of the paper are invaluable. A fine feel elevates the mail piece and makes it outstanding. High-end targets like home-buyers love heavier weight papers with fine soft touch or silk coating. If it is an event invitation, you can use heavyweight paper with gold foil printing.

The options are affordable considering the latest printing technology, which makes it possible to send out mail pieces with the luxurious look without spending much. Choose the best material that creates the best impression depending on the target group.

  1. Use a different size

There are different sizes you can use depending on the customer needs and preference. Postcards are 4X6 pieces in measurement. The mail does not stand out like 5 ½ X 8 ½ postcard which many prefer and use frequently.

Add an eye-catching design to your postcard to give it an amazing appeal to the recipient in their mailbox.

You can also use 8 ½ X 11 inch postcards. This type is common with real estate agents and reaps great success with mailing. A larger postcard stands out in the mailbox creating a big impression and instant recognition.

Sizes affect perception. You can reduce the postage prices by adjusting the mail piece size by small fractions especially when sending thousands of postcards. The savings in bulk mailing can be huge.

  1. Personalize variable data direct mail

Add a personal touch to the direct mail using better design and printing techniques. There are several ways to capture the attention of recipients. For instance, you can use images, graphics, and text, which constantly change from one mail piece to the next.

Use the information in the database and mailing list. After finishing, direct mail it to the recipients.

Direct mail is cost-effective and a successful way of reaching the targeting audience. Small adjustments can make a big impact and make the mail piece stand out.

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